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A Different Type of Blog Today.


In todays blog I want to talk about something that interest me. I am going to talk a little about sports. Esports is just like any mainstream sports except they are video games. You watch other compete on a variety of platforms and video games. Esports is growing at a tremendous rate, and is expected to continue its rapid growth. League of Legends is the largest sport in the world currently. Its past World Championship in October had over 32 million viewers. For a video game, that is a pretty heft number. The picture below is from the World Championship that was just mentioned. This picture was taken right before the fifth and final game to decide the World Champions. The League of Legends World Championship was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and was played in front of a sold our crowd.

There are many different leagues in sports across many different games. One of my other favorites to watch is Counter Strike Global Offensive or in other words CSGO. It is probably the second largest esport in the entire world. It is also growing at a rapid pace and the E-League major pulled in record breaking viewership. The picture below is the champions of the E-League Major, Astralis. It was the largest CSGO tournament to date and they expect next year to be even larger.

With all that being said, esports is something that is going to be a big part of the future. This blog today is pretty different from our usual blogs, but I thought it may interest some people to learn about something that will soon be part of everyday culture and life. If you are interested in watching some Sports, go check out the LCS. They stream the live competition every Thursday through Sunday. The links will be below. Have a great day!



Have a wonderful day!