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Beginning of Spring!

DIY: Shoes!

Spring break may be coming to an end for some people, and beginning for others. Either way that means spring is on its way. That means warmer weather and goodbye to the snow. That means more time spent outdoors.Its time to pack away those snow boots. That means you are now pulling out those spring shoes. But what if you do not have those nice spring shoes. Well worry not, just go ahead and make your own. It is a very easy process that is also very cheap. It is also very customize able and you can make the shoes that you want. No needing to go to the shoe store to purchase expensive shoes that you don’t like. Just go ahead and make your own. 

Take a look at the video above to learn how to make these easy and affordable shoes. Anyone can do it, trust me. It is also a little fun project you can do when you have nothing else to do. Get ready for spring and warmer weather!