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DIY Portable Canvas Stool

Pretty Cool Stool

With spring, officially here and summer weather right around the corner, that means people are going to start camping and spending more time outdoors. When you are outdoors you usually those fold out chairs. Why not change it up a bit? Get a little bit more creative and have your friends asking where you got that cool looking seat.

Go check out the link above to learn how to make your own portable canvas stool. It is a pretty easy build and is very durable and will last you a very long time. It is easy to store since you can fold it right up and it is something different. Something that you do not see most people use.

If you are not sure what canvas to use, click the link above. I recommend you use our #6 Duck (21 Oz). It is nice heavyweight, durable canvas that is perfect for this type of product. It will hold up in many weather conditions and is strong enough to hold the weight of a person. Now get out there and get creative!

Check out these photos for some inspiration!