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Get Outdoors!

Chair Up!

I am sure you are probably sick of hearing about spring, but hey, it has been a long winter for some people and the warm weather always makes people happier. Spring is a time where people are getting outdoors and enjoying the warmer weather. Why not go outdoors and become one with nature. Make your own Hammock chair! Hammock/Hammock chairs are the perfect thing to become one with Nature. It allows to to put a nice chair outdoors, next to a tree and just sit outside and enjoy the weather.

Check out the link above to learn how to make your very own Hammock Chair. Unsure on what canvas to purchase to make this wonderful chair? I would recommend the No. 6 Duck. (21 Oz) It is the perfect canvas for this project. It is heavyweight, durable canvas that can withstand the elements and support the weight of someone using the hammock chair. Use the Link below to shop for No. 6 Duck.

Check out some pictures of Hammock chairs for some Inspiration!