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That time of Year, Spring Break!

Spring Break

Do the winter blues get you down? Luckily, spring will soon be upon us. The month of march is often a time for students and families take a vacation. Getting away from the cold weather is a good way to get through the last of winter and prepare for summer. Some of the best places to visit are Florida, California, Australia/NZ, Colorado, and Hawaii. In the spring months, Utah and Colorado can be temperate even with snow still on the ground to ski. Guaranteed these spots will be some of the best skiing and hiking out there. Florida has many hot spots to check out for spring break. Florida is known for Disney world, which is located in Orange County, Orlando that attracts people of all ages, young and old. Miami is the place to be if you’re looking for the night-scene and busy lifestyle. Florida also has prime relaxing cities such as the Keys and Islamorada where it is as casual, sunny, and friendly as can be. With the amount of sun, they get it is almost necessary to always have sunblock and sunglasses to protect your eyes, and a hat. Umbrellas are another good choice when dealing with the sun. You can make your own umbrellas out of waterproof canvas. Anywhere in Australia is awesome to visit, I had the opportunity of being able to study abroad in Perth,WA for a semester. While I was there I visited Sydney, Margaret River, and Leonora-The Outback. I visited New Zealand twice, once for each island and I would love to move there. It is a perfect mixture of Hawaii and the blue water and Colorado with the mountains. Hawaii is a perfect location for any time of the year to get away from the chaos at home. If you get the chance to get away for even just a few days do not turn it down that opportunity.

What are you plans for Spring/Spring Break? Do you plan on getting outdoors? If you do, there is no better time than spring.

Photo- New Zealand, Fiordland Park February 2016