Dyer Seconds Fabric

We strive for perfection in our quality. It is a continuous process. 

We’ll be the first to admit that things have and will continue to go wrong in our production.  As much as we do not like, we do end up with dyed fabrics that are inspected and graded as “Seconds”. It is a broad term that encompasses defects like spots, off shade, stains, torn edges, holes, seams, dirt marks etc.

While structurally almost all of them are sound, they get classified as seconds because of these cosmetic blemishes. So we sell them much below our cost price to customers. They can be used for liners, pouches, handles, etc. 

Terms of Sale

Seconds quality materials most often do not come in full length rolls. A roll can be all single pieces or could have a few cut pieces lapped together.  All sales in the seconds’ fabrics are final. No refunds or exchanges are allowed. We will attempt to pick the best combination when you order a color. We are not set up to pick & sort the individual rolls or defects. A roll may have multiple defects. For the time (& our selling price), we are unable to provide you samples to show the defects**.

 Here are the types of defects

Bruises, shear damage, blotchy, short length, box stains, tangles, finishing creases, torn selvage, crush mark, wide pinning, track off, bias bow, crack/rope marks, drag marks, can streaks scrum, Drip spots, can stops, dye stains, frame stops, water circle, prep stop, frame grease, tender, flat, hairy, guider marks, crocking, holes in finishing plant prep creases, lint, sander creases, outs, folded selvage, off shade, dye stops, oil spots, salt blotches, picks, floor dirt, pad dye ends, non-sanded skip, pad dye stop, singe streaks, resist spots, rust spots, mildew/wet weather bales, streaks, pull down wrong style, shady side center, size removal, impression marks, high shrinkage, shifts, low yield, jig creases.

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