Primed Canvas from Marsidian

All Primed Artist Canvas are NOT made equal!

This bold statement stems from our worldwide experience of selling art canvas. Well - the proof is in the pudding! A lip-smacking, delectable pudding has two critical elements: top quality ingredients & the right blend. Just like a yummy pudding, Marsidian’s primed canvas is in a league of its own. We pay a paranoiac attention to the two critical elements that makes top notch gesso canvas:

  1. Unprimed Natural Canvas – The yarn used to weave the base cloth is custom spun for us. In comparison, our yarns have the right staple length, a greater twist and a higher strength. When woven on the latest weaving machines, they remarkably metamorphose into a clean, strong and a uniformly even fabric. It’s now a perfect unbleached surface ready for coating.
  2. Acrylic Priming (Gesso Coating) – We use a universally tested, acid-free, acrylic and titanium oxide based formulation. The fabric mentioned above is now double knife coated (priming) on a state-of-the art coating line. The result is a luscious, immaculately white fabric with a nice smooth texture and a supple hand.

The combination of a custom milled fabric with top notch acrylic priming makes our rolls a versatile surface for a variety of acrylic, alkyd and oil paints. Stretch your imagination on our primed canvas!

Suggested Uses: Various styles of paintings, backdrops, murals, floor-cloths, print media and much more.  

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