Art Shows and Festivals

13th Apr 2017

Art Shows and Festivals

Spring has arrived and launches the art festivals and showcase season is an amazing opportunity for local and non-local artists to show and display their set of skills and ideas all over the world. Art shows give local artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and get support from the community. I know in my hometown community the art shows are often using views and items from that town. You can then find the style of canvases, sculptures, jewelry, etc. you enjoy and want to collect. It is always fascinating to see an artists’ point of views and what they emphasize to get a new perspective.

Thankfully, with the advancements of technology, artists are able to advertise much more than only at art fairs. International art fairs have been exploding with artists pushing their works to be seen by as many potential customers and art connoisseurs as possible.

Two local art fairs that I have always enjoyed going to see all the amazing work is the Rivertown Fall Art Festival as well as the Afton Art in the Park.

Art Fairs are important to check out even if you are an artist! You can get valuable feedback from other exhibitors and artist on how to improve sales and increase foot traffic. Making connections at Art Fairs can create advantages and note what recent art trends are taking place so you can take advantage of that. Looking at other artist’s works can create inspirations and new ideas to take your artistic work.

At this website, you can view all the art fairs across the country!!

Go and support local artists!

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