Make Something Old Brand New!

Refurnish those old lawn chairs!

Can you believe it? It is already spring. The weather is looking promising with the warmer temperatures approaching. Now is a good time to do some spring cleaning. Check out our Pinterest page for life hacks and simple tips to make your spring cleaning a breeze! If you dread cleaning, these will make the maintenance much more enjoyable and fast. Once you get done with the cleaning you can head on out to the porch and enjoy a cold one.

Did you leave your furniture outside during the winter? Has it been years since replacing your furniture fabric? Does your furniture look like this?

Yuck- you don’t want to sit on this.

You’ll want to look at this DIY refurbish outdoor lawn furniture.

This is a great idea for a weekend activity since the nice weather is finally here and you should get outside and enjoy it.

To get started with this project I recommend purchasing Marsidian Canvas 15 Oz (#10 Duck) Natural Canvas which is perfect for outdoor furniture. This product is very durable and lightweight.

Enjoy the warmer weather and make your backyard look new again!