Mattisse #8 Duck (18 oz) Dyed!!!

21st Feb 2017


Have you seen our new product? Mattisse #8 Duck (18 0z) Dyed is our brand new product. This duck is set at the cheapest prices you will find on the market. Our competitors lowest offering is set at $8.99, while here at Marsidian you will find this fantastic product at a low price of $6.75. This product is also dyed and finished in the USA. The product is directly imported and finished here. That means you are getting a high quality product that is finished the USA. We take pride in being bale to say that our product is finished in the United States. 


Low prices and high quality products are the name of the game in today's market. That is exactly what we offer at Marsidian. Our prices our the lowest you will find. Compared to our competitors we sell our products 30-40% less than our competition.  We supply at fantastic prices that are unmatched. 

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