Types of Cotton Ducks

Published by SGK on 31st May 2019

Duck: A name applied to a broad range of heavy, plain woven fabrics that are mostly intended for a use other than clothing. 

The name is derived from a trade mark of a duck stenciled on a heavyweight sail cloth produced in England and Scotland. This fabric was imported in the USA in the middle of the 19th century. Also the Dutch word, "Doek" means heavy cotton, cloth. 

In the U.S, there were eight basic types of ducks in use till the mid '90. They are listed below. A few have faded out with changes in technology and time. 

1. Army Duck: A tight, plain woven fabric with plied yarns (both warp and filling). The weight ranges from 7, 8, 10, 12 and 15 Oz/sq.yd. Used for army tents, covers, bags, etc. 

2. Belting Duck: A heavy, plain woven fabric with plied yarns (both warp and filling). Used primarily for conveyor belts. Has its greatest strength in the warp yarns. The weight ranges from 22-45 Oz./sq.yd.

3. Boot Duck: Soft, open mesh, plain weave fabric with plied yarns (both warp and filling).This was developed primarily for use in the legs of rubber boots. Weight ranges from 8-10 Oz./sq.yd.

4. Enameling Duck: Single or double filling flat ducks made in special widths and weights. Usually has a higher warp count than found in Ounce ducks. 

5. Hose Duck: A soft, plain woven fabric with plied yarns (both warp and filling). Used for manufacturing hoses. Weights range from 10-30 Oz./sq.yd. 

6. Number Duck: A tight and firm, plain woven fabric with plied yarns (both warp and filling). Weights range from 10-32 Oz./sq.yd.

7. Ounce Duck: A flat weave cloth with single yarn warp and either a plied yarn filling (known as double filled duck) or a single filling yarn (single filled duck). Weights range from 7-15 Oz./sq.yd.

8. Shoe Duck: A two or more plied yarns on the warp and filling, plain woven, fabric that is usually from 7 -9 Oz/linear yard. This is a special construction for use as a shoe upper. 

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