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Dyed Canvas - 15 Oz - #10 Duck - Raphael from Marsidian

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Introducing "Raphael," our exceptional dyed collection of fabrics in the 15 oz. (#10) cotton duck. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and entirely produced in the USA, this collection embodies quality and style. With an impressive array of colors, we are confident that our collection will impress even the most discerning clients, delivering an outstanding aesthetic experience.

Resilience is the defining characteristic of our Raphael collection. The yarns used in the custom weaving process of these fabrics are carefully selected with a higher Cotton Spinning Count (CSP), indicating their strength and durability. Fabrics with a higher CSP possess a tighter twist, resulting in a stronger fabric that can withstand greater stress and strain without compromising its integrity. Used for wall coverings, super large canvases, murals, or floor cloths, these fabrics maintain their integrity and performance over time.

In addition to their strength, our Raphael fabrics undergo a meticulous dyeing and finishing process. The finished product is water repellent and features antibacterial properties, effectively resisting mildew. The wax used in the finishing process further enhances the fabric's resilience, minimizing needle-breakage during sewing and imparting a pleasing "beefy" hand-feel.

Choose Raphael for a dyed fabric collection that exemplifies resilience, quality, and style. Experience the difference that meticulous craftsmanship makes in creating fabrics that exceed expectations in strength, performance, and longevity. Elevate your artistic products with Raphael and unlock the full potential of your creations.

Note: While we strive to provide accurate representations, slight color variations may occur due to individual monitor settings. For more information and answers to common questions about our dyed fabrics, please refer to our comprehensive FAQ section. If you have any specific inquiries, our dedicated team is always available to assist you..


Width Length Dimensions Weight Price per Yard Price per Roll
58" 50 yd 60" x 9" x 9" 80 lbs $7.80 $390.00
25 yd 60" x 7" x 7" 39 lbs $8.80 $220.00
1-24 yd     $10.05  

Dyed in USA

Technical Specifications

Material Cotton Canvas
15 Oz/Sq.Yd
Yarns 7/2 O.E. x 7/2 O.E
Thickness 0.034”
Thread count 
42 x 27
Finishing Water Repellent & Mildew Repellent
Weave type Plain
Width 58"

Jet Black, Old Navy, Charcoal Grey, Granite Grey, Cobalt Blue, Peacock Blue, Daisy Yellow, Jubilee Red, Bordeaux

Common usage of the product:

  1. Director Chairs: The durability and vibrant colors of Raphael make it an excellent choice for upholstering director chairs. Whether for professional use on film sets or as stylish home furniture, the fabric adds a touch of elegance and resilience to these iconic chairs.
  2. Tote Bags: Create trendy and functional tote bags using Raphael dyed canvas. The sturdy construction and water-repellent finish make it ideal for carrying daily essentials, groceries, or personal belongings. The fabric's vibrant colors also allow for eye-catching and personalized designs.
  3. Sleeves: Raphael is well-suited for crafting protective sleeves for various items such as laptops, tablets, and electronic devices. The fabric's durability and anti-bacterial properties ensure excellent protection while adding a touch of style.
  4. Messenger Bags: Design fashionable and durable messenger bags using Raphael dyed canvas. The fabric's strength and water repellency make it a reliable choice for creating versatile bags that can withstand daily wear and tear.
  5. Craft Projects: Let your creativity soar by using Raphael dyed canvas for a variety of craft projects. From decorative pillows and wall hangings to aprons and upholstery accents, the fabric's versatility allows you to explore various artistic products.

Surfaces it can be used on:

  1. Furniture Upholstery: Raphael is often employed as upholstery fabric for chairs, sofas, benches, and other furniture pieces. Its heavy-duty construction and resilience make it well-suited for enduring daily use and providing long-lasting comfort.
  2. Bags and Totes: This fabric is popular for creating sturdy and reliable bags, including tote bags, messenger bags, duffel bags, and backpacks. The substantial weight and durability of Raphael ensure that these bags can carry heavy loads and withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  3. Home Décor: Raphael is suitable for various home décor applications, such as curtains, drapes, cushions, and pillow covers. The fabric's vibrant colors and robust nature add an element of style and longevity to these decorative items.
  4. Outdoor Gear: Due to its durability and resistance to water, Raphael is often utilized for outdoor gear such as camping equipment, backpacks, tents, and awnings. The fabric's ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and abrasion makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications.
  5. Industrial Applications: The sturdiness and reliability of Raphael make it suitable for industrial-grade products such as equipment covers, machinery protection, tarps, and workwear. Its robust construction ensures that it can withstand demanding environments and provide long-lasting performance.

Products that can be made using this canvas product:

  1. Director Chairs: Upholster director chairs with Raphael canvas to add durability and style to these iconic seats. The fabric's resilience and vibrant colors make it a perfect choice for professional sets, events, or home use.
  2. Tote Bags and Backpacks: Craft sturdy and fashionable tote bags and backpacks using Raphael canvas. Its heavy-duty construction ensures durability, while the vibrant colors allow for eye-catching designs. These bags are ideal for daily use, travel, or as promotional items.
  3. Cushions and Pillows: Create decorative cushions and throw pillows using Raphael canvas. Its robust nature and vibrant colors make it an excellent fabric choice for adding a touch of style and comfort to sofas, chairs, or beds.
  4. Industrial Covers: The durability and strength of Raphael canvas make it suitable for creating industrial-grade covers. These can include equipment covers, machinery protection covers, grill covers, or storage covers. The fabric's resilience ensures long-lasting protection in demanding environments.
  5. Outdoor Accessories: Design outdoor accessories such as awnings, tent panels, hammocks, or picnic blankets using Raphael canvas. Its water-repellent properties and robust construction make it ideal for withstanding outdoor elements and providing comfort during outdoor activities.
  6. Upholstery Projects: Revamp furniture pieces with Raphael canvas upholstery. From chairs and sofas to ottomans and benches, the fabric's durability and style options allow for stunning transformations of both indoor and outdoor furniture.
  7. Crafts and DIY Projects: Raphael canvas is perfect for various craft and DIY projects. It can be used for creating wall hangings, table runners, floor mats, aprons, and more. Let your creativity run wild with this versatile fabric.

9 Reviews

  • 5
    Perfect fabric

    Published by Laurie on 5th Jul 2023

    I have been looking for a treated fabric for making some fender aprons for an antique car. This is perfect!

  • 5
    Excellent Quality

    Published by Daniel Eutsler on 17th Dec 2021

    Excellent quality product. This was a repeat purchase and I'm never disappointed

  • 5
    Best Canvas Around

    Published by R McCoy on 3rd Apr 2020

    Best quality canvas. Colors look great. Weight and feel are great. Prices are the best around.

  • 5
    Raphael 15oz canvas

    Published by Susana Velasco on 3rd Sep 2019

    Very sturdy and high quality canvas. Great buy and better quality than big box stores can offer.

  • 5

    Published by Erna Hutchinson on 16th Aug 2019

    I received my fabric promptly. Any questions I had was addressed almost immediately with an email or a cal. Thank you

  • 3
    #10 Canvas

    Published by Hil on 13th Aug 2019

    Not a true black , was looking to match an existing black canvas and this is not a true black

  • 5
    Great stuff

    Published by Scott St Denis on 20th May 2019

    This product arrived very quickly and I am totally satisfied. It is a nice color, very thick and the two yards are very generous. I haven’t sewn with it yet but I suspect it will grade high in that category too.

  • 5
    Very Satisfied!

    Published by Greg on 7th Mar 2018

    Material has a good hand and easy handling for sewing. Excellent quality upon receiving and inspecting. Looking forward to seeing how the fabric wears and ages when manufactured into end use items.

  • 5
    good fabric for an outdoor rug

    Published by Beryl Newell on 11th Jun 2017

    This fabric is heavy enough for an outdoor rug

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